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In a day of musical mediocrity from well-meaning but poorly trained musicians, The King's Brass is a wonderful and greatly needed exception. Here is a fine group of dedicated folks who take their music (but not themselves!) seriously. Their performance is a delightful blend of tasteful variety, lighthearted fun, and musical excellence. vertical rule short
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Chuck Swindoll
Author, Bible Teacher,
Insight for Living
Senior Pastor
Stonebriar Community Church
Frisco, Texas
Bravo! vertical rule medium Steven Hendrickson
Principal Trumpet
National Symphony
Superb in every way. vertical rule medium Irving Sarin
Formerly Principal Trumpet
Pittsburgh Symphony
Innovative and well played. vertical rule medium Don Tison
Formerly Principal Trumpet
Baltimore Symphony
They communicate the Gospel in a very dynamic and effective manner. vertical rule medium Bruce Nelson
Cedar Falls Bible Conference
Cedar Falls, Iowa
The King's Brass sets the standard. vertical rule medium Neil Fichthorn
Sandy Cove Ministries
North East, Maryland
Truly, an unforgettable experience! vertical rule medium Donald Hescott
Concert Director
Boca Raton Bibletown
Boca Raton, Florida
Their God-given talents, their heart for worship, and their integrity in ministry is a wonderful blend which glorifies God. vertical rule medium Gary Matthews
Minister of Music and Worship
Highland Park Baptist Church
Southfield, Michigan
The King's Brass always presents an exciting and innovative program that is technically superb. They are always on my 'return' list! vertical rule medium Tim Ostrander
Assistant to the President
Moody Bible Institute
Chicago, Illinois
An unforgettable concert experience of music and ministry. vertical rule medium Tom Phillips
Word of Life Florida
An exciting evening. A favorite of our congregation. vertical rule medium Dr. Jerry Smith
Minister of Music and Worship
Ward Church
Northville, Michigan
The exquisite sounds of the King's Brass, as they blend the old and the new, makes them one of Calvary's most meaningful artists. vertical rule medium George Ohman
Minister of Music and Worship
Calvary Church
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Most requested group for a return performance. vertical rule medium Dave Luck
Executive Director
Delta Lake Bible Conference Center
Rome, New York
Our congregation has been refreshed and inspired. We're planning on having them back. vertical rule medium Bob Welch
Minister of Music and Worship
Immanuel Bible Church
Springfield, Virginia
Consistency is the hallmark of Tim Zimmerman and the King's Brass. I have never been disappointed with this group. vertical rule medium Kent Walters
Minister of Music and Worship
Grace Bible Church
Grandville, Michigan